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Go The Dockers!

        #!/usr/bin/env bash

        # get link and details
        echo -n "Please enter URL: " && read urlink
        echo -n "Enter Title: " && read destitle

        # now get the list of available short links
        aws s3 cp --quiet s3:// /tmp

        # pop the top short link into linknumber
        linknumber=$(head -1 /tmp/randoms)
        sed '1d' /tmp/randoms > /tmp/randoms2
        mv /tmp/randoms2 /tmp/randoms

        # create index page
        echo "go see a band!" > /tmp/index.html

        # upload index page
        aws s3 cp --quiet /tmp/index.html s3://$linknumber/

        # put the list of available links back up
        aws s3 cp --quiet /tmp/randoms s3://

        # clean up
        rm /tmp/index.html
        rm /tmp/randoms

        echo "$linknumber"

        # Done!


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